Inter-University Student Quiz Challenge 2022

The 2022 Inter-university student quiz challenge was hosted by Dokuz Eylul University on the 10th May. We sent our winning team from Module 3, the fearless DST07 and their teacher Didem Secer to represent IEU. It was a great evening. Not only was the quiz a great success but the range of activities and entertainment that the guys at Dokuz Eylul put together made the evening even more enjoyable. Although we did not win the quiz, we did win the cup stacking challenge, so well done DST07.

This type of event really brings the universities together and highlights the common bond we all have. To be there for each other, teachers and students, and motivate each other into getting involved with extra-curricular activities has been difficult and challenging over the past few years because of the pandemic but now there is light at the end of the tunnel, we should try to do as many of these types of events as possible. Thank you for hosting this year Dokuz Eylul, and we all look forward to the next one!

See below for some more photographs supplied to us from the team at DEU. Thanks once again!!

End of Module Trivia Quiz

We have come to the end of Module 3 and our Trivia Quiz has been welcomed back for the first time since the pandemic began. It was great to see so many smiling faces and a good time was had by all. There were 13 teams in total this time, and we hope to have many more in Module 4. We depend on the teachers promoting in the class and also students talking to their classmates.

The teams were cheered on by other classmates and supporters.

Our quiz masters and members of ACTS.

The conference hall starting to fill up for the first time in a long time. Let’s hope this is the start of many events where we can share experiences and forge new memories.

After an hour of questions and healthy competition, the winning team was announced. In fact, it was one of the happiest winning teams I think we have ever seen!! Didem and her students from DST07 were the triumphant winners. The team will now go on to represent IEU prep school at Dokuz Eylul University on 10th May in the Izmir inter-university quiz. Let us hope they bring back the top prize.

It was great to see everybody. We can’t wait until the next one!!

It’s All About You, Only You!! Reyhan Köse

The topic for this episode is “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, UP TO YOU & ONLY YOU” Our special guest speaker is Reyhan Kose. Reyhan has been working in the School of Foreign languages at Izmir University of Economics for more 15 years. During this time, she has experienced a remarkable personal journey. Listen to her podcast talking to Friday Longwe and Yesim Gunseli Cehiz about her inspirational and transformational life story.


If you have any inspirational stories that you would like to share, come into the ACTS office and talk to Charles, Gulfem or Reyhan.