Conversation Club

In prep, there are conversation clubs every week. The topics are really interesting and change weekly. Well, what are these clubs? What are students doing in these clubs? Here is Don Dungan and he answered all these questions. Let’s look at it.
The conversation clubs are every Wednesday. It is in room E103 and takes about one hour. It is open for all prep students from every level. And we have just had a conversation club Wednesday. Our subject was music. We had about 38-39 people there. We are two teachers: Eric and I. We had students from pre-faculty and five international students to help us. It was very good because they don’t speak Turkish. We had a girl from Russia , two girls from China, a boy from Pakistan and a boy from Indonesia. Generally topics are about music,movies, dance, technology, the future and relationships. We try not to do this like a lesson but it has to be organized. We have students and give them the questions they can ask each other. We try to find out something new and interesting about the other person. There are debating activities, designing activities, drawing activities. All things like that. It is so much fun.