Erasmus in the Netherlands – Ecenur Alpaslan

Have you ever considered going to the Netherlands for Erasmus? If the answer is yes, this interview is for you. You can find answers for all your questions from experiences of Ecenur who did her Erasmus there!

Why did you choose The Netherlands for Erasmus?
I didn’t choose. I had to go to the Netherlands because my first choice was full.

What is your advice to students who want to go to the Netherlands for Erasmus?
My advice is to be direct. People there are so direct and they say what they want to say. Be prepared for hunger. There is no good food to eat really. Be confident about your English. They don’t care about grammar. Your English will be good anyway.

Did you face any adaptation problems there?
We had so many problems. We didn’t know how to do this because the education system is different. We were a bit shocked. We asked for help from our teammates but they refused. Another problem was the shops were closed at 6 and on Sundays, so we couldn’t find food. We adapted eventually.

Which university did you study at?
Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. It is cool. If I had a chance, I would definitely go again.

Is life in Holland expensive?
Yes, it is so expensive for people who don’t use the Euro.

How were the people there?
I didn’t have any problem while finding friends. They were cool but I had some problems with my project team.

What do you like the most and the least in the Netherlands?
It is green everywhere and the environment was beautiful. That was my favorite thing about the Netherlands. The weather was the worst part of the Netherlands.

What was the most delicious food you have eaten there?
It wasn’t a real food but a dessert called stroop waffles. They are light and full of caramel.

Which place in Holland inspired you?
I loved my city. Groningen was beautiful, it is a lovely city in the north of the country. There I had time to relax.