The Big Short

“Truth is like poetry. And most people hate poetry.”

Wolves died. Smart guys won. First of all, The Big Short has an amazing cast and a real tragic story. The movie, simply telling why the financial crisis happened to America in 2008. If you are not familiar with the economy, don’t worry. They explain it all to you. So let me introduce the characters of the movie.

Christian Bale as Michael Burry
Ryan Gosling as Jared Vennet
Steve Carell as Mark Baum
Brad Pitt as Ben Rickert

In 2005, mortgage credits were reaching huge numbers, but no one worried about that. Except five guys. When Michael Burry started to read the payment of the mortgage credits, he realized that it was a disaster. There was a big problem and everyone knew it: credit rating agencies, the government, Wall Street. But no one thought that it would explode so soon. They thought mortgages were like rock, they wouldn’t fall.

The Big Short won 1 Oscar and had 4 nominations.

I would like to explain the whole movie, but I will not of course. You should watch this movie!