In the last newsletter, we gave some information about Work & Travel and got some very positive reactions. Of course, there are many more possibilities to improve your English, either by going abroad or staying here. At IUE, a prep student, Bora Batuhan İşgör, is the spokesperson for AIESEC. We asked him what this organization is all about.

AIESEC is the one and only organisation that has never changed their vision. It was established during World War II, by seven people from seven different countries. At the beginning, their visions were about peace and the fullfilment of humand kind’s potential and still, they are so. The aim of AIESEC is to bring out leadership features, to be with people from all over the world, to prevent fights and wars, to break down prejudices about other nations, and to establish friendships with new people.

It is a non-profit organisation and who works for it, doesn’t earn any money. They are all volunteer students who love doing it. You can improve your thinking, your problem-solving skills, learn how to be a leader, and have more chance to speak English. Every person you meet can affect you and you can learn many things from them while you build up a world wide network.
AIESEC has seven different departments, each with different jobs. Four of them take care of social responsibilty projects, welcoming and hosting people who come to our country, dealing with the people who would like to go to another country. Finance is for monetary issues needed for congresses, t-shirts etc. Marketing introduces our products and tries to persuade people to join and support us. Business Development finds companies where the students who come from other counties can work and learn about work life.

We have five projects but here will mention only two of them. One of them is Global Families. The purpose of this project is to find homes for people who come to our country for long or short term internships from all over the world. A volunteer can share their home with these young people. Global Citizen is short term internship programme. Both of them take place in summer. So, if you want to be an AIESEC-er, we hold interviews every February and March. If you pass the interview, you can enjoy being an AIESEC-Izmir member. I’m certainly very proud to be a part of this.

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