Interview with John Robertson

He is different from all the other teachers with his quick wit and fast answers. He is loud, he is funny and he knows how to teach us English. But where is he from and what does he think of Turkey and his life here? We asked him.
How old are you? Can you tell us a bit about when and why you came here?
(With a smile) I don’t want to answer that first question, but I’ve been in Turkey for 14 years of which 10 years in IUE. I came to Turkey because of the beautiful weather and the people. I have a lot of fun with Turkish people and you could say I am here for the sunshine. In Scotland, we do not have the sunshine.
What did you do before you became a teacher or were you always a teacher?
I was in the military, the Air Force. I also used to teach in the Air Force but not English. Now I am retired from that job.

What is your biggest hobby?
Unfortunately in Turkey, I do not really have any hobbies but in the UK, golf. I love to play golf, but there is nothing here.

What do you miss the most about Scotland?
The hardest part of getting used to Turkey is really missing my family. I have a daughter and grandchildren in the UK. I also miss the food. I love the Scottish food, and I do not like Turkish food because it is the same every day. I work here, but the food here is rubbish. Actually, I like the fish in Scotland because it is from the North Sea, where the sea is very cold and the fish tastes different. Also, I love Scotch eggs (see our recipe!).

You said you do not like the Turkish food? What do you eat here?
I cook at home or I eat fast food. I cook Indian food. I love the curry, all kinds of curry.

Do you think you will grow old and die in Turkey?
I will grow old, of course, one day. I do not know where I will die. I want to die in a bar, but I do not know where.