Language Courses: United Kingdom

Joining a course in the UK
It is actually very easy to join. The student, first of all, needs to have the intention to study English in the UK. They can join a course at any level: elementry, pre-intermediate, intermediate or advanced. They can study for a minimum of two weeks up to nearly two years.

The course education system
The UK education system is unique because it doesn’t depend on grammer that much. It depends much more on speaking and listening skills. Therefore, when a student goes to the UK, they benefit massively from the day-to-day communication that they have there. Therefore, they can improve their English in the UK twice as fast as in Turkey.

Student services
All the language schools have a lot of student facilities. They obviously have the school itself. The students can stay in a house with an English family or in a residence with student friends. They both provide a multicultural environment. Apart from that, all the language schools have got a library, computer labs, and social activity programmes. Students will socialize with other students from different nations. They go bowling, to the cinema, clubs and pubs to socialize and meet new people.

Generally, there are courses available all over the country. However, in the south part of the UK the weather is a lot better. Also, the accent is much easier to understand than in the north. So, I would recommend places like Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, and Bath.

The cost of it all
How much it costs, depends on the course, the country, the city, and institution. However, generally a student who wants to go to the UK for 4 weeks including accommodation, school and everything, will pay 6000-7000 TL.

The feedback in general is very positive. Students who come back from the UK generally say they have no more problems understanding English. They don’t hesitate to speak English. Therefore, they become a lot more succesful in their studies. Culturally, when they go to the UK, they stay with an English family so they get to know the English people and they have a chance to meet more people from other countries.


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