A Thousand Years Old Citizen – Halil Babilli

Review by Onat Benli

bin-yıllık-hemseriI always liked reading young writers’ books or watching young directors‘ films because we have to encourage and support our fellows. In the beginning, their works might be not very good and attractive, but if we support them and give them advice about their work, they could be the next Tolkien or Yaşar Kemal.

But, Halil Babilli is not one of these because he’s already a great writer. He proved it in his first novel “A Thousand Years Old Citizen”. It is a kind of historical fiction book. Its main character is a weasel. It sounds good, right?

Theophanies Kantakouzenos, or Theo to his kin, was born in Constantinople, in the year 1430. He was a completely normal human being until his 23rd birthday. While the Turks were taking possession of the city, he was thinking he would die soon and he was begging God for one more chance. He got that chance. He got immortality, and he was turned into a weasel permanently. Theo got used to his new shape and he started to help Constantinopolitans to have a better life by solving the mysterious troubles that were disturbing them.

Theo has a lot of mysterious adventures in this story, and you definitely will like it. My only slight criticism is that it was too short. It is only 163 pages long.

My rating for this book is 4/5

The original name of the book is Bin Yıllık Hemşehri. Click here to buy