We tried to find some short and specific answers to our questions about the Erasmus Program. We do not want to bother you with basic questions like “What is Erasmus”, so here are some real questions and answers.


Is it possible to cover the costs of travel expenses or accommodation?

No, it is not. Students only get paid monthly by the program. The amount of this payment depends on which country they choose.

How do I arrange where I’m going to stay while I am abroad?

Students have to arrange it themselves, but some universities have their own dormitories, and if students fill out a form for a dormitory they may have a chance to live there.

While I am abroad as an Erasmus student, do I have to pay my college fee?


How many times can I use this program?

With a scholarship it can be used only once, but without a payment or scholarship by Erasmus it can be more than once.

How important is language in this program?

Students have to take an examination for Erasmus. English is a common language in European countries, but some schools may have a different language for education and in such cases they may want knowledge of that language.

Can first graders apply for this program?

No. Only second and higher grade students can use it.

I have failed a course but I still want to do Erasmus. Can I do it?

If students’ grades are over the lowest limit of the required academic average, they can do Erasmus. It doesn’t matter if a student has failed one of their classes.