Interview with Ian White

A very special interview with one of preps most interesting and favoured instructors. He first came to Turkey in 1966 and still loves us!

Where are you from? What was the reason that made you come to Turkey?

I am from England. I first came to Turkey in 1966. I was a student and I was travelling through Europe and I came to Turkey. I went to Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and then Izmir. Then I went back to England with a very good impression of Turkey. For me, it was an exotic country. At that time, there was no television. I remember all the little boats going cross the Bosporus. At that time there was no bridge. I have such wonderful memories of those times. I finished my study and went to Bulgaria. Over the years, I visited Turkey several times. And then, I came to Turkey to teach English in 1988. I came for three years, but I am still here. I started to work in Istanbul and stayed for seven years. Then, I moved to Izmir because Istanbul was getting very crowded, and I didn’t like the winters. I had heard very good things about Izmir so, I decided to move here.

Was it hard to adapt to Turkey?

There were a lot of differences, but it wasn’t hard to adapt to Turkey because I had lived in Bulgaria. There some of traditions and lifestyles are similar to Turkey, and there are so many similar words in Bulgarian and Turkish. What was the weirdest thing that you saw in Turkey? I saw the total eclipse of the sun in 1999 in Amasya and then again in 2006 in Antalya. And, another weird thing, was waking up at night during an earthquake. Earthquakes can be scary, so that was something I found very strange.

What is your favourite part of teaching?

I have been teaching English for about 40 years. I love my job! My favorite part of teaching is when my students respond to me and do things very well. Then I think they have been listening and they have understood what I have presented to them. This is very rewarding.

How many languages do you know?

I have a working knowledge of at least six languages. I like learning languages. My best language is Bulgarian. I studied Bulgarian and Russian at London University. Because I know Bulgarian I understand Macedonian. They are very close. I can’t speak French and Spanish very well, but I can read in French and Spanish. I studied Latin fot eight years at school. I speak Turkish because I communicate with people every day.

What is your philosophy of life?

My philosophy of life is to be good to others.

If you had a chance to go back in time, what would you change in your life?

I don’t think I would change anything. I am more than happy with my life. But if I were born again, I would like to be a concert pianist because I adore piano concertos and sonatas