What’s The Buzz?

Students’ Opinions About Prep

What was the best thing about prep?

Cansın: I think the best thing was meeting Kymm. She was a great teacher and she helped us with our problems, gave advice. She left, but we still talk with her on Facebook.

Bora: I met the PACTS Office. I know that I improved myself and my English knowledge. I tried to do new stuff, it is really challenging and it is very helpful to me.

Çağıl: I attended the theatre club and I always enjoy myself when I am there. We had a play in March. Also, I met friends from the same and different departments. It broadened my horizons.

Alican: Teachers, especially Oğuzhan Koçak. He was cool and we got along very well, but he left. I had a very good relationship with him. He was a part-time teacher, that’s why he left.


What was the worst thing about prep?

Cansın: Waking up early because when I feel sleepy, I feel stressed and I can’t focus on the lessons.

Bora: Not being able to pass the D-level. I couldn’t pass because of the digital assessment. I did the assessments, but I forgot to add the class code. Therefore, they didn’t accept my digital assessment and I couldn’t pass.

Çağıl: Maybe digital assessment was a problem for me, because I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it, because it was unnecessary for me. I just didn’t want to do it.

Alican: The lift. They are not enough for all the prep students. I couldn’t walk up because my classroom was on the sixth floor. Also, I am a smoker, so I need to go out. We only have two elevators and it is killing us.