ARIES: You should look after your health and stay away from stress. In November, a friend may become your new love.
TAURUS: You must be careful not to reveal secrets. New ideas about the future will begin in November.
GEMINI: You will be overly sensitive when dealing with your personal life. Go out with friends who are positive and supportive.
CANCER: Your positivity and sense of adventure will push you into new opportunities. You could fall under the influence of a new lover.
LEO: You need to enjoy yourself. It is a perfect month to get organized. You’ll have a lot of responsibility.
VIRGO: In November, through your hard work, you’ll see many rewards. You will be going out a lot, socializing more and attending parties.
LIBRA: Be careful about what you do. November is a serious time in your relationships.
SCORPIO: Freedom is important to you. Your relationship will do well as you are putting a lot of effort into communication.
SAGITTARIUS: You may decide to implement some more self-discipline in your life. Your feelings are deep in November.