IUE American Football Team: Halcyons

In this Preparatory, we are having a look at one of IUE’s most popular students clubs. We spoke to Kemal Aslan from the Halcyons (American Football).

Kemal Aslan: American football player. He has been playing for four years as running back.
Short History of Halcyons: The team first was founded in 2009.The first equipment was bought in 2010.

Can you tell us a little bit about American Football?
Both teams have eleven players on the field who play defense or offense, but a team usually has a total of 45 players. The game starts when the kicking team kicks the ball, and the purpose of the game is for the offensive players to get the ball to the other team’s ‘endzone’ and make a ‘touchdown’ or a ‘field goal’.

Well, could you talk about the Halcyon’s success?
In 2012, our team finished first in the University League and now we are playing in the Super League. With that, we are the first and only team which have been playing for four years in the Super League. In 2015-2016, we played in the quarter final and became one of the eight best teams in Turkey.

What makes you special as a team and a team member?
First of all, we are doing a sport that no one else is doing. However hard it seems, actually it is a game that depends on physical fitness and effort. Also, you can make new friends from other departmants.

What about practice,training and equipment? What can you say?
Our practice programme is three days (at least two hours in a day) every week. And our equipment was brought in from the USA in 2010.

Why do you think that the American Football Team is the most popular club in school?
I think it is because although we work enormously hard, every player comes to the practice gladly. We enjoy it and everyone is aware of that.
by Elif Pınar Tolga