Game Corner

In this issue, I would like to tell you about a Blizzard game. Its name is Overwatch. I can say it is a new game because it released on 23 May 2016. When Overwatch released, it started to have attraction immediately. This game was the first one in its field. I think Blizzard didn’t disappoint us.

This game doesn’t look like other FPS games. The thing which makes this game unique is our ability of using some characteristic skills. Every character has their own abilities and stories. Blizzard is making comic chapters to know the characters’ stories better. We saw Tracer’s girlfriend this chapter which is sad for most of Tracer’s fans.

My favorite hero in this game is Junkrat but I like some of them too it is too hard to decide. My advice is if you can afford, you should buy this game. Don’t think the free to play ones are the same!