Livin’ In The Dorm


If you could change one thing in the dormitory, what would it be?

ECEM: I woud stay in a single room because I want to have a more private area.

FURKAN: If I had the chance, I would build a kitchen because I think it would be really useful. We could prepare our own food.


What did you think the first day that you stayed in the dormitory?

ECEM: I said to myself that I would have adaptation problems.

FURKAN: The first day was hard for me. I had never stayed anywhere without my family until that day.


What is your favourite place on campus?

ECEM: There is a green area near to the school dorm. I call it “Ziyagil Korusu”.


What is your favourite free time activity?

ECEM: Watching films or doing something fun with my roommate.

FURKAN: I usually spend time alone. I prefer watching some new films or series.


Does the dormitory have any benefits?

ECEM: Of course. I learned to iron and tidy my room.

FURKAN: I don’t have to deal with cleaning or paying bills. It is really good for me