Movie Review: La La Land

Deniz Seferoğlu

If you do not like musicals, you won’t enjoy La La Land, because it shouts “I am a musical!”. The film is about the love between Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). The movie was slow going and boring in the beginning. However, it started to draw me in slowly but surely. The reason for this is the work of the two main actors. The music of the movie is beautiful. At the end of the movie, I wanted to listen to it again and again. However, was the film good enough to deserve being nominated for 14 Oscars?

Uğur Dura

The film was awful. I had watched  a few musicals before this film, and I do not like watching them in general, but La La Land was terrible! I could not make it through the whole film. I watched 36 minutes and during every minute, they were singing non-stop. I almost went deaf. While I was  watching the film, I just tried to get what the story was about,  but I could not understand what was happening. I think La La Land is a big time loser, no matter what happened at the Oscars!