Prep Art by Uğur Dura

Hello everyone! I’m Uğur. I am a student in Pre-Fac 02 and I want to show you some of my paintings. I never went to an art course. It came from my deep, innermost feelings. I made my first tableau when I was 12 years old. Of course I did not know any techniques so I went with my feelings. After primary school I started painting with oil colour and I loved it because I could show all my  feelings. If I show the meaning of love in the character’s eye, I try to make it possible with oil colours. While I am painting, I usually listen to music. In my opinion, the music gives the pictures  soul.  I want to be an artist, but Turkey is not good for that, so maybe I can use my creativity in my research and finding new medicines. My department is Genetics and Bioengineering.