Theatre Reviews: Animals Musical

I watched the Animals Musical at Sabancı Kültür Sarayı in Konak on February 18th, the first Turkish musical that has been successful in the international area and has a ‘giant’ staff of 110 people.The musical is about tribes that have been fighting for centuries, causing Africa to split up into different parts. In the story, every kid that turns seven years old, is sent to an Ubuntu village to learn the values of Africa.

The musical’s best part was when two sisters with totally opposite characters, go to Africa for a visit. In this part, the jokes were really funny. But, the same music was playing until the end and although the first act was 1,5 hours, the second act took only half an hour. It felt unbalanced. Finally, the musical was too expensive for students. If we compare ticket costs and performance, it just was not good enough.

By Deniz Seferoğlu