Art Page: Theatre

On the last Art Page of the year, we pay special attention to a very special event. On March 29th, PACTS organized its first ever Prep Theatre Event. Prep students
wrote the plays and performed in them. Interviews by Uğur Dura and Denizcan Gökalp.

My favourite memory are all the extra things they did, the videos, sound effects, etc. I really enjoyed them because they had good music and funny moments. I saw my friends on stage and I really did not know they were so talented. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was amazing. There was only one problem with the sound system. There were no microphones on the stage and because of that we couldn’t hear everything. Buse Gökmen  (audience)

Theatre is my dream so I really enjoyed it.  As you know theatre is a totally different and difficult environment, but I really like it. When you see people’s satisfaction, it makes you happy. My friends all really liked it. I have not received any criticism yet. As you know, I was God 😊 . Organizationwise, the teacher coordination was perfect, the only problem was the props for ‘A Special Night’. We had lots of things like a skype call, videos and a party on stage, but all went well. Actor Aybüke Türkmen

I was on stage and I felt good when I saw my friends in the audience. I also really liked the videos we made. My friends’ favourite play was ‘A Special Night’, which they thought was especially funny. Also, they loved the music parts of the event (Charles, Buğu and Tolga). It was a shame however that my friends in the audience could not always hear and understand the plays.  Actor Dilek Keskin