MARVEL COMIC BOOKS by Denizcan Gökalp


Published by Marvel in 2010, written by Mark Millar. Wolverine, our main hero, has not forgiven himself for destroying the X-Men which unlocked the door for the villains. So he pulls his claws into his hands, gets married and moves to a farm where Logan lives with his wife, son and daughter. However, now the villains are managing the world and the Hulk joins them. Problem: Logan’s farm is located in the Hulk’s town and he has to pay his taxes. If he doesn’t, he will be destroyed by the Hulk’s family. All these things change one day and put a smile again on Wolverine’s face. Then his friend Hawkeye needs his help with his business and offers half a salary to Wolverine. Wolverine accepts the offer. And then?

My opinion: In the beginning I did not like this comic because I felt helpless in a world without superheroes. If you are a Marvel fan, you will feel every emotion reading this book. The story is strong and has nearly every superhero and villain in it.


Published by DC Comics in 1988, written by Alan Moore. In the story, we have three main characters, the Joker, Barbara Gordon and detective James Gordon. Batman decides to visit the Joker in prison, and finds out he has disappeared. On the outside, the Joker is planning one of his biggest jokes ever. He knows that Batsy will think it is for Gotham but he does not know that Gotham does not deserve it, Batsy does!

My opinion: when I bought this comic book, I was amazed. You will discover a lot of things about the Joker and find another side to the relationship between the Joker and Batman. According to Alan Moore, this book is an evolution of the DC Universe.


Published by Marvel in 2010, written by Cullen Bunn. We are seeing the biggest chaos ever in the Marvel Universe caused by our favourite anti-hero Deadpool. The story begins in an asylum, where Deadpool is left by the X-Men to rehabilitate him. The doctor who treats Deadpool is Psycho-Man who tries to brainwash  him. Deadpool is affected by this and suddenly understands a very important thing: he is a character in a comic book! With that enlightenment, he reaches the fourth dimension and it makes him angry. This is the beginning of when he starts killing everyone, heroes and villains.

My opinion: I read this comic book because I love Deadpool and also the title was very effective. When you see the title, you can not help yourself asking ‘how?’. In the book, I saw all of my  favorite superheroes murdered by Deadpool. This book gives you an opportunity to taste a different type of comic book in which you can not find a (happy) ending.