Taboo by Gökberk Çetin

“People who do not know me soon come to understand that I do not have any sense.”

During the War of 1812, James Keziah Delaney returns to London after his father’s death after 12 years of disappearing to Africa with 14 stolen diamonds. Delaney has seen the worst things you can imagine in Africa and he has learnt all about witchcraft there. Part of his inheritance, an American piece of land called the Nootka Sound, is in dispute between the UK and the USA, the two sides in the war. After his re-appearance, there is a bloody chess game between the goverments of the UK and the USA. In addition, the British East India Company also tries to get that land from him. However, James Delaney has other plans with his inheritance. He wants to establish a shipping empire for himself. But that’s not all. Also, there is a forbidden love story.

The scenario for this series was written by Tom Hardy and his father Edward “Chipsy” Hardy. The first four episodes were directed by Kristoffer Nyholm and the other four by Anders Engström. The music was composed by Max Richter.

In my opinion, Taboo has a charming atmosphere with its smoky views of London. Furthermore, you are always a curious at the end of an episode. There are some quality twists in the script and marvellous mind games between the characters. Besides all these, Tom Hardy just carries the show all by himself.