Interview with Mor Collective

Why and when did you found the “Mor Kollektif”?
A few years ago, a group of students thought a private university in Izmir should support feminism. The first name of Mor Kollektif was “ Kampüs Cadıları”.

Does this club have a club chairman?
Yes, it has to have a club chairman. For this reason, we have a club chairman on paper, but we are trying to demolish hierarchy and we are sharing all jobs equally.

You support feminism. So, are you interested in different subjects?
The club’s original purpose is standing by all oppressed gender identity and sexual orientations. Therefore, this club supports LGBTI.

What kind of activities do you do?
The school got angry with us in the previous years. This year we have shown films, taken surveys and organized seminars to raise awareness.

Why is the club fairly unknown?
Because people are prejudiced about feminism, but when they come to this club, they can lower their prejudice.