Mechatronics: The Future Of Science?

Mechatronics is a highly controlled science based on a combination of machine, electronic, and software engineering. Mechanical and electronic data is collected from the surrounding environment with the help of data sensors which are able to interpret the data using the software in their control equipment and memory. Based on the interpretation, the components and systems will be adjusted. This whole system is called a mechatronic system, also referred to as systems control. Mechatronic machines are used in for example, medicine, banking and mining and they are used more and more every day. Night vision systems, cnc-machines, mine scanning robots, automatic stocking, photo cameras, videos, and ATM’s are some examples of widely used mechatronic systems.

Job Opportunities
Mechatronic design covers a wide range of industries, such as medicine, banking, mining, and defence industry production. Although people say Mechatronics is a threat for people working in those industries, I believe that they offer an opportunity. So, some people may lose their jobs, but others (like us!) have more chances of finding one!