Book Club Interview

The Student Book Club is a fairly new addition to IUE’s student club community. We did an interview with the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Umutcan Erden and Kudret Uygun. They study Sociology and Nursing and are in their 2nd and 3rd year.

What were your goals when you started this club?
We aimed to introduce books and authors to our members. To share ideas and help each other to improve ourselves while we are studying at this university. We also want people to communicate more and to create a social environment. For example, in the first semester, we helped Menemen Gazi Primary School. We donated books and clothes to them. This way, we want to continue helping children who need our help.

How many members do you have?
We have 140 members who are at this moment part of IUE and 10 members who graduated from this university.

Why do you think that The Book Club started so late?
Maybe students did not have the courage to start this club or they were not interested in reading books.

What are the benefits of reading a book for you?
If I did not read a lot of books, I could not speak in front of an audience and I could not express my own ideas properly. A person who does not read much can be easily deceived. We cannot understand different lifestyles if we do not read much. We can learn so many things from books and with that knowledge, we can correct our mistakes. People understand themselves better when they read enough.

Do you think that the IUE library has enough books?
It is not enough, there should be more books about art history. On the other hand, the electronical sources are great.

Do you have any plans to arrange new activities?
We want to start a diction course and we hope to publish a book which will be written in Braille Alphabet. Also, we want to invite authors to our school and introduce their books. Finally, we we would like to arrange barbecue parties.

What do you think about The Izmir Book Fair?
All the people in Izmir should go to the fair and meet the authors. It is a great event, especially for children. It is a nice opportunity to learn the authors’ ideas and people who go to the fair will have a chance to see different kinds of books.

Do you have any final comments?
We are open to everyone. We started this club with our friends and we are trying to help them make their dreams come true. People who are open-minded can learn everything in their life. We started this club because we do not want to have regrets later on because of the things that we have not done.